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Welcome from Weinstein Supply
Feature Article: Developing a Winning Team—How to Find Good People
New Product Update: High–Performance Series Water Heaters
Pricing Updates

Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2008

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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

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Welcome to the first edition of the Weinstein News & Tips email newsletter. Designed just for you, this monthly newsletter includes lots of information about how Weinstein can help you and your business. Look here for upcoming counter days, seminars, important changes to pricing on products we carry for you and, so much more. Please let us know if you'd like to see anything else in the newsletter—just drop me a note at

Paul Weinstein

We've heard from many of you about how tough it is to find skilled, hard working people. So, this month our Feature Article will provide you with some things you can do to find good people to work with. Let us know what you think of our suggestions and, if you have any additional ones to share.

Paul Weinstein


Feature Article

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Developing a Winning Team—How to Find Good People

Has the following ever happened to you? You lose one of your crew. So you ask around and find an assistant to help you out. At first they seem great—they show up for work on time and customers are pleased with their work. But after a little while, a new picture emerges. Jobs aren't getting done, customers are complaining, and you find yourself spending more time putting out fires than you ever have before. You're back to a persistent issue—how do you find good people you can count on?

One of the biggest challenges today is finding employees who are not only trained in their profession, but who are skilled, motivated to do a good job and, who work well with your existing team. In this month's feature article, we focus on what you can do to recruit good, talented people who fit well with your existing team.

Click here to read the full article, which includes a free download.

New Product Update

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The Best of Both Worlds
High–Performance Series Water Heaters by Bradford White

Last August Bradford White introduced its High–Performance Series Water Heaters. Due to their performance, they are technically classified as commercial water heaters, but they are for residential customers.

They boast four distinct features:

  • 78,000 BTU/hr or 80,000 BTU/hr (based on model)
  • A unique Helical Flue Fin design to achieve thermal efficiency ratings of 82%
  • The Optimizer Temperature Control System
  • HydroJet2 Total Performance System

Click here for more information on these four features.

Why would your customers be interested in the High–Performance Series Water Heaters?

  • The High–Performance Series Water heaters combine the efficiency of tankless water heaters with the convenience of stored hot water
  • They are a perfect application for where space is a concern
  • One GX1–55S water heater can be installed in place of two standard 50–gallon gas model heaters
  • They offer installation advantages over tankless units—they vent using standard 4" single wall vent pipe, and they only require a 1/2" gas connection
  • For customers who always look for "the best" the High–Performance series offers superior delivery of hot water and higher efficiency

Pricing Updates

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Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.

Effective Date Vendor Product Price Increase/Decrease
1/1/2008 Campbell Well Accessories 3% – 10% increase
1/1/2008 Fluidmaster Connectors 5.5% increase
1/1/2008 Josam Drains and Carriers 12% increase
1/1/2008 Tyler & Charlotte Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings 4.5% increase
1/1/2008 Lenox Saw Blades, Hole Saws and other tools 1.5% – 5% increase
1/1/2008 Myers Utility, Sump, Effluent & Sewage Pumps 3.5% increase
1/1/2008 Viega Vanguard PureFlow, ProPress, ProRadiant 5% – 7% increase
1/1/2008 Zurn ZurnPex 10% increase
1/1/2008 International Comfort Products – Fast Parts Division Repair Parts, Compressors, Motors, Coils 2% – 9% increase
1/2/2008 Various PVC DWV Fittings 7% increase
1/2/2008 Various ABS DWV Fittings 3% increase
1/2/2008 Laars Copper Boilers
Steel Boilers
2% – 2% increase
5% – 10% increase
1/7/2008 Cuno Water Filters 3% increase
1/7/2008 Cuno Water Treatment 7% increase
1/12/2008 Kohler Fixtures and Faucets – click here to see Kohler details 2.3% average increase
1/12/2008 Sterling Fixtures – click here to see Sterling details 0.6% average increase
1/15/2008 Nomaco Pipe Insulation 4% increase
1/26/2008 Franke Franke and Kindred Sinks 6% increase
2/1/2008 Bemis / Church / Olsonite Toilet Seats 2% – 3.25% increase
2/1/2008 Moen Faucets 6.5% average increase
2/1/2008 Grundfos Pumps 3% – 6% increase
2/11/2008 Delta Faucets 8% increase
2/11/2008 Plastic Trends PVC SDR35 Fittings 15% increase

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