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Weinstein News and Tips Newsletter
April 2008 — Volume 1, Issue 4 
In This Issue
Welcome from Weinstein Supply
Feature Article: 3 Ways to Create a Highly Motivated Team
Spotlight: Find Out About The Latest In High Efficiency Water Heating!
March Survey Results: See How Others Market Their Services
Recent and Upcoming Price Increases
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply Back to top

Paul Weinstein
Discover what many of your competitors know already – that the key to setting their business apart from the rest is by keeping their team highly motivated to perform at their best. Happy, productive employees can really influence your customers’ experience. Check out our feature article for 3 simple things you can do to motivate your employees.

Curious as to how your competitors are marketing their businesses? Click here for some insights from last month’s survey on marketing that are incorporated in to our feature article. And, please let us know how your employees get along by taking this month’s survey on teamwork.


Paul Weinstein

P.S. Are your commercial customers looking for an energy efficient gas water heater? Make sure you check out our product spotlight!

Feature Article Back to top

3 Ways to Create a Highly Motivated Team

Having a reputation for superior service can really set you apart from your competition. And, the best way to ensure that your team delivers superior service is by keeping them highly motivated. Not sure how to do this? Read our feature article for 3 great ideas that are easy to implement in order to keep your team highly motivated.


Product Spotlight

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eF Series® Commercial Gas Water Heaters from Bradford White

Who would be interested in the eF Series Gas Water Heaters?
Restaurants and food service/kitchen areas are ideal customers. Any business that needs a direct vent commercial water heater or, any business with an application that requires outside air for combustion could use the eF Series.

What sets the eF Series apart?
They are energy efficient! One eF model with a 98.5% efficiency will run 1.5 hours less a day and save $1,338.15 yearly when compared to a conventional commercial model (80% efficiency, based $1.22/therm). Learn more!

For BTU input ranges, tank sizes, installation and more, click here, or download the eF Series Gas Water Heaters brochure now.

Marketing Survey Results from Last Month Back to top

Last month we invited you to answer a few questions about how you market your business. Click here to see the results as part of this month's feature article.

Pricing Updates Back to top

Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.

Effective Date
Price Increase/Decrease
Cast Iron Boilers
4.5% increase on CGA and Ultra Gas
No increase on Ultra Oil
3% increase on oil burners
7% increase on all other products
Copper Fin Tube
7% increase
Unit Heaters
3% – 5.5% increase
Well tanks, Residential Pressurisers, Plumbing
and Heating Products, BoilerMates
7% increase
Hart & Cooley
Registers and Grilles
9% increase
Hart & Cooley
10% increase
Southwark Metal
Sheet Metal Duct
and Fittings
12% increase
Liberty Pumps
Sump and Effluent
3.5% average increase
PVC and ABS DWV Fittings
7.5% increase

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