Viper and Avalanche Series Toilets
from Gerber

Are your clients looking for a high-performance toilet? The Viper toilet with its HP2 technology and the Avalanche Series with its X-treme performance are both great options. With both the Viper and the Avalanche toilets being able to deliver on performance, your customer’s choice comes down to the aesthetics.






High Performance

X-treme Performance

Available shape

Round, Elongated or

Round, Elongated or

One or two-piece toilet



Flushing system

Gravity fed - 2" flush valve

Gravity fed - 3" flush valve

Gallons per flush (gpf)




Slim-line tank

Slim-line tank,
aesthetically upscale


10-, 12-, and 14-inch rough-in

10-, 12-, and 14-inch rough-in


Up to 600 grams per flush

Up to 1000 grams per flush

List Price

$140 white round

$255 white round

The Viper toilet features:
  • Large tank-to-bowl opening allows the flush to start and work more quickly
  • Dual-fed jet is larger than a traditional jet opening, which encourages fast, efficient siphoning and bowl clearing action
  • Fully glazed 2-inch trapway completes the evacuation process as waste is ushered to its final destination
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The Avalanche toilet features:
  • The strongest, most powerful flush in its category.
  • 3-inch flush valve that quickly starts the flushing process to clear the bowl faster and more effectively than a traditional valve
  • Large water surface area provides a clean and sanitary environment while reducing staining
  • 1000g bulk waste removal
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