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Weinstein News and Tips Newsletter
May 2008 — Volume 1, Issue 5 
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply
Feature Article: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Spotlight: Viper and Avalanche Series Toilets from Gerber
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Paul Weinstein

Letís face it – some conflict between employees is normal and inevitable. But situations can develop when conflict among co-workers can have a negative impact on productivity, profitability and customer service and satisfaction. When this happens, managers or company owners may need to get involved to help "keep the peace." Check out this month's feature article for the warning signs that you may have a conflict problem, plus a 6-step method for dealing with employee conflict.


Paul Weinstein


P.S. If youíre looking to offer customers high-performance toilets at a reasonable cost, be sure to check out our product highlight.

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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict may be a natural part of our personal and work lives, but there are times when conflict within a work team can become a serious problem. An organizationís ability to resolve employee conflict can have a big impact on its overall success. In this feature article, we provide the warning signs that conflict may be a problem in your company, as well as an effective 6-step method for resolving employee conflict.


Product Spotlight

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ViperTM and AvalancheTM Series Toilets from Gerber

Who would be interested in the Avalanche or Viper toilets from Gerber? For your customers who are looking for a high performance toilet that is well-suited for everyday use even in high-traffic areas of the home, Gerber offers two great options ≠ the Avalanche Series and Viper toilets.

Why choose the Avalanche or Viper toilets from Gerber?
Both the Viper and Avalanche Series toilets provide a powerful gravity flush and 1.6gpf performance. Your customers will appreciate a high performance product at a reasonable cost.


Gerber products are sold exclusively to the plumbing professional. By being loyal to the plumbing trade Gerber can meet and exceed plumbing contractors' highest standards.


For more information on either the Viper or Avalanche toilets and a side-by-side comparison, click here

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Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.


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