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June 2008 — Volume 1, Issue 6  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply
Feature Article: Referrals – The Most Powerful Way to Grow Your Business
Spotlight: Bradford White Water Heaters with Titanium Stabilized Stainless Steel Propane Burners
Recent and Upcoming Price Increases
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Paul Weinstein

Do you find that your current customers are a great source for new business? Referrals can account for 50%, 60%, 70% or more of your business and are a great way to grow your business. This month's feature article is all about referrals - where they come from and how to get more from each source. Make sure to check out this month's feature article to find out if you're doing all you can to increase your referral business.


Paul Weinstein

P.S. We have an exciting announcement about Bradford White's hot water heaters. Check out our product spotlight to learn more!

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Referrals - The Most Powerful Way to Grow Your Business

If someone asked you how much of your business comes from referrals, you would most likely give an answer of 50% or more. In fact, in last month's survey, you told us that, on average, a little over 78% of your business comes from referrals! Time and again, we find that many businesses indicate that their customers come from referrals. Why is that?

Find out by reading the full article.


Product Spotlight

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Exciting Announcement:

Over the next couple of months, Bradford White will be transitioning all of their propane water heaters from cast iron burners to titanium stabilized stainless steel burners. Whether you have customers who need newly installed or replacement water heaters, make sure you offer the Bradford White water heaters as the most state-of the-art solution!

Why is Bradford White transitioning to titanium stabilized stainless steel propane burners?
Bradford White's new propane burner is a tremendous leap forward in technology. Made of Titanium Stabilized Stainless Steel, this new burner resists warping and corrosion, and it is a durable, maintenance free burner that can tolerate high heat.  It produces a clean burning flame and best of all, the new design is virtually maintenance free.

The titanium stabilized stainless steel burner is quieter than the traditional cast iron burners. It also is self-regulating and produces a consistent flame that results in clean, efficient combustion to handle various propane gas consistencies.

Find out more about this exciting change to the Bradford White propane water heaters!

Download the Sell Sheet

Download the Sell Sheet

Watch a video about the technology

Watch a video about the technology

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Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.


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