5 Sales Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

No matter how experienced a salesperson you are, it is still possible to make mistakes in a sales situation. By reviewing a few common mistakes you can help to ensure that your business will be successful, even during a slow period.

Sales Mistake #1: Ignoring prospects
Following up on every sales lead is time consuming, and we all know that time is money. However, it is also true that prospects are money. Every prospect that does not receive a response from you is not only a lost sale but also a lost source of referrals. Keep in mind that, on average, some statistics show that everyone knows at least 250 other people. For this reason you should respond to every prospect even if it is just to let them know you are too busy right now. And, if you offer a recommendation of someone else, they will respect you as an honest businessperson and keep you in mind in the future.

Sales Mistake #2: Not following up on estimate requests
It is not uncommon to visit a job site and decide that the work is not right for you. If you're too busy, you may just ignore this request for a proposal. Unfortunately, by not following up, you've probably upset a potential new customer—one who could be vocal about just how upset they are to their family and friends. Whether or not you're going to estimate a particular job, follow up. Call them to explain that the job is not right for you, and they'll respect you for it. Offer a recommendation of someone else, and they'll be even happier.

Sales Mistake #3: Overselling or talking too much
In every sales situation, it is important to take a few minutes to establish a rapport with the prospect or customer. But, spending too much time on this friendly interaction could also kill your sales. You prospects have invited you to their home or business to do a job, not to have a chat, so it is important to get to work. It is also important not to talk too much about your product or service. Such overselling will only make people feel that you are taking up their time. Stick to the most important points, and avoid repeating information.

Sales Mistake #4: Forgetting to listen
This mistake is related to mistake #3. By talking too much it is very difficult to listen to the needs and concerns of the customer. Be sure to give your prospects plenty of opportunity to tell you what is most important to them. If you truly understand what motivates them, you have the best chance of winning the sale.

Sales Mistake #5: Not asking for the sale
This is probably the biggest mistake for any salesperson to make. By not asking for the sale, you are assuming a negative response. You are also leaving the action in the hands of the customer. They have to take action to make the purchase. By asking for the sale you are actually making it easier for them to make a decision. Also, if they say no, or are undecided, ask why. This gives you an opportunity to address their concerns or objections so that they can make a more informed decision.