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Weinstein News and Tips Newsletter
August 2008 — Volume 1, Issue 8  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply
Feature Article: Know the Numbers of Your Business
Spotlight: Weil-McLain Ultra Series 3 Condensing High-Efficiency Gas Boiler
Survey Results: Estimating Survey Results from Last Month
Recent and Upcoming Price Increases
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Paul Weinstein


Working with the numbers is often not the most interesting part of running a business, so it's very tempting to spend as little time as possible on accounting. However, understanding those numbers can often help make the difference between failure, success, and major success. This month's feature article provides a simple guide to several accounting metrics which can help you understand the financial health of your business.

Please take the time to fill out our brief survey this month. It is relating to technology and will help us to understand what technology topics are of most interest to you so that we can write about them in future articles. Click here to go to the survey.

Paul Weinstein


P.S. Learn about the new Ultra Series 3 Gas Boiler from Weil-McLain in this month's Product Spotlight. Their new U-Control module puts you in control.

Feature Article Back to top

Know the Numbers of Your Business


For most of us, understanding the accounting is one of the most challenging parts of running a business. We know that the numbers are important, but it often seems like a challenging to task to learn how to use them to make decisions. Knowing a few basic Balance Sheet Metrics will help you to understand the financial health of your business.

Read Know the Numbers of Your Business to learn more about Balance Sheet metrics.


Product Spotlight

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Product Spotlight

Weil-McLain Ultra Series 3 Condensing High-Efficiency Gas Boiler


Who would be interested in the Ultra Series 3 Gas Boiler from Weil-McLain?
As fuel costs soar, home heating efficiency is on the mind of virtually every homeowner. All Ultra Boilers feature AFUE efficiencies in the range of 92.0 - 93.0% -- some of the highest efficiencies in the industry. The Ultra Boiler also exceeds the highest North American environmental air quality standards. For homeowners who need to replace or upgrade their gas boiler, the Ultra Series from Weil-McLain offers efficiency, environmental quality and user friendliness through the new, patented U-Control module.


Why choose the Ultra Series 3 Condensing High-Efficiency Gas Boiler?
Weil-McLain is the only manufacturer to allow "you" to take control of the boiler with the development and introduction of our patented U-Control module. U-Control provides extreme flexibility during boiler set up and operation, and it delivers optimal system performance. Plus there is no price increase over previous models!


For more information click here.

Download the Brochure

View the specifications and Ultra Gas 3 Series components brochure


Come to the Weil McLain Open House featuring the Ultra 3 Series Gas Boiler! Click here for your invitation.

Survey Results Back to top

Estimating Survey Results from Last Month


Last month we asked you to fill out a survey on estimating. Our goal was to compare the responses to our estimating survey from February. As it turned out, our new results confirmed those we received in February. Most of you (62%) always provide written estimates, but only 17% always compare those estimates to actual costs. Click here to see the full results.

Pricing Updates Back to top

You have all seen and experienced the unprecedented price increases this year. A combination of cost increases for steel, freight, and petroleum-based products have forced manufacturers to continue to increase their prices. We will continue to keep you informed of the changes.

Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.


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