9 Tips to Help You Get More Leads from Your Next Yellow Page Ad

When people turn to the Yellow Pages for a plumber or HVAC contractor, they typically need a service and they need it right away. So the challenge for you is to be sure your Yellow Page ad stands out among the rest, making your company the first choice for prospective customers. How do you accomplish that? We help answer that question in this monthís feature with useful tips for creating effective Yellow Page ads.

1. Make Your Headline Count
The headline is the most important copy in your Yellow Page ad. Itís what grabs your prospective customersí attention and encourages them to read the rest of your ad. Your headline should:

  • Provide the benefits of your business
  • Tell customers why they should pick your company over your competitors
  • Offer a solution to the customerís problem

2. Keep the Copy Clear and Concise
The copy in the ad should simply and clearly support the benefits presented in the headline. Tell prospective customers how your company will provide the best products and services to meet their needs.

3. Include a Clear Call-to Action
Prominently placed, a clear call-to-action like "CALL US NOW at 555-1515" is sure to motivate more responses than simply listing your companyís phone number.

4. Build Credibility
Credibility and trust are powerful selling points for companies. How can you best convey these attributes? Depending on the size of your ad, consider including:

  • Testimonials
  • Your credentials
  • Honors and awards your company has received
  • How long youíve been in business

5. If You Have a Guarantee, Include It
A guarantee is another important way to make your ad stand out, as well as build credibility for your company.

6. Offer an Incentive
Include an incentive or coupon in your next Yellow Page ad to help catch the attention of customers and give them extra motivation to call you. For example, "Mention this ad when you call and get 10% off your service call."

7. Choose Size Over Color
Color can help draw a readerís attention to a part of your ad and make certain words "pop." However, research on Yellow Page ad response shows that color ads typically do not pull in more leads than black and white. Because larger ads are placed first in the Yellow Pages, you may be better off directing your Yellow Page ad dollars to increasing the size of your ad versus adding color.

8. Be Aware of Ad Design and Layout
Too many different typefaces and fonts, large blocks of centered text, too much information packed into a small area: These are just a few design flaws that can result in a less effective ad. Check out the Yellow Page ad makeover in "Apply the Principles of Design: Use Contrast and Alignment to Pull Disorganized Bits Together" for layout and design advice.

9. Proofread your Copy
Keep in mind that a Yellow Page ad is around for an entire year - along with any mistakes you may have missed. So although it seems obvious, carefully proofread all your copy. It looks unprofessional to prospective customers if they find an error in your ad.

BONUS: Get An Online Yellow Page Listing
More and more people today are letting their fingers do the walking on their computer keyboards when searching for products and services. If you have a Yellow Page print ad, you are likely eligible for a free online listing. Click here to find out more about online Yellow Page advertising. At this site youíll also find links to information about Yellow Page online video ads, including video ad samples and production advice. With the growing popularity of online Web sites like You Tube, it ís not surprising that online video ads are catching on, as well.

As you set out to design your next Yellow Page ad, we hope these tips are useful in helping you to increase the number of your new customer leads. You may also consider consulting with an advertising design professional. Your investment likely will pay for itself quickly in the amount of business generated thanks to a highly effective ad that attracts attention and successfully sells your services.

Yellow Page Statistics
The Yellow Pages are still one of the most popular forms of advertising in the U.S. today: