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January 2009 — Volume 2, Issue 1  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply
Feature Article: 5 Ways to Weather an Economic Downturn
Survey Results: How is the economy affecting your business?
Spotlight: Install a Complete Bathroom Anywhere with the SANIFLO Saniplus System
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply Back to top

Paul Weinstein

Happy New Year!

Whether your company is large or small, you'll likely feel the effects of the U.S. recession as it continues into 2009. In this month's feature article, we provide several ways you can take action to help your business weather the current economic downturn and perhaps emerge even stronger.

Paul Weinstein

P.S. If you have customers who want to add a bathroom in a place that presents plumbing challenges, check out the SANIFLO Saniplus System in our January Product Spotlight. The Saniplus System provides both an effective and cost-efficient solution.

Feature Article Back to top

5 Ways to Weather an Economic Downturn

There's no doubt about it - nearly every business in the U.S. today is affected in some way by the current economic recession. Plumbing and HVAC contractors are no exception. In this month's feature article, we offer 5 proactive ways you can help your business weather these challenging economic times.

Read 5 Ways to Weather an Economic Downturn.

Survey Results Back to top

How is the economy affecting your business?

Thank you to everyone who filled out last month's survey on how the economy is affecting your business. Click here to see the survey results.


Product Spotlight

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Product Spotlight

Install a Complete Bathroom Anywhere
With the SANIFLO Saniplus System

Help make a customer's dream of a full bathroom in the basement - or a powder room tucked away in a bedroom closet - a reality with the SANIFLO Saniplus System. Whether the new bathroom is situated lower than the drainpipe or the drainpipe is too far away, SANIFLO's unique macerating systems provide effective and cost-efficient solutions. Not only can such plumbing challenges be overcome without having to break through the floor, but also without breaking the bank!

SANIFLO Saniplus System's outstanding product features include:

  • Effective - Grinds and pumps waste over a distance of 150 feet for horizontal discharge and 15 feet for vertical discharge
  • Easy to Install - Requires only 4 connections
  • Flexible - It can also be used to discharge effluent from other bathroom fixtures including showers, sinks and bathtubs
  • Fast - A normal operating cycle is between 10 and 15 seconds
  • Cost-efficient - Saves the expense of digging a new sewer line and re-plumbing the house
  • Environmentally friendly - Uses only 1.6 gallons of per flush
  • Attractive - Customers can choose from 3 styles of toilets, plus the macerator unit can easily be installed behind a wall by using an extension pipe.

Click here
for installation instructions and more detailed information about the SANIFLO Saniplus System. In addition, please visit the SANIFLO Web site for our complete line of macerating products.

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Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.

Pricing Changes


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