Grow Your Business by Going Green

Why go green? In addition to helping your customers save energy, water, money and the environment, you’ll also be creating new opportunities for building your own business. In this article, we discuss ways to help you grow revenue by going green, as well as provide plenty of green links and free downloads to share with your customers.

Tell Customers About 2009 Tax Incentives for Going Green Thanks to the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008, tax credits for energy efficient home improvements (that had expired during 2007) are now available for improvements made during 2009. The maximum amount that a home owner may claim from all of these tax credits is $500 over the lifetime of the tax credit, including improvements made in 2006, 2007 and 2009. Here are some examples of improvements in energy efficiency and corresponding tax credits:


Weinstein Green Survey Results

Last month we surveyed our readers about going green. Here’s what respondents had to say:

•75% have seen an increase in customers requesting green products over the last couple of years.

• 75% promote certain products because they use water and/or energy more efficiently.

• 100% find customers are willing to pay more for products because they are energy efficient.

  • Central air conditioning: $300
  • Air source heat pumps: $300
  • Gas, oil, propane furnace or hot water boiler: $150
  • Advanced main air circulating fan: $50
  • Gas, oil, propane heater: $300
  • Electric heat pump water heater: $300
  • Geo-thermal heat pump: 30% of the cost up to $2,000

Additionally, watch for more renewable energy tax incentives for both home and business owners as a result of the government’s new economic stimulus package. More information about green tax credits, incentives and rebates available for consumers can be found at the following Web sites:

Let Customers Know How Much Money They Can Save by Going Green
Not only can customers use tax incentives on energy efficiency improvements, but making green choices can also help them save significantly each year on utility bills. Here are some examples:

  • The average homeowner spends approximately $1,900 each year on energy; however, with the proper energy-efficient equipment, they could save up to 20% of total energy costs annually. Click here for a helpful guide to share with your customers about ways they can save energy on their heating and cooling bills.
  • Water heating alone accounts for as much as 15.5% of the national residential energy consumed. By using Energy Star-qualified water-heating technologies, water-heating bills can be reduced between 7.5% and 55%. In just 5 years, for example, new water heater criteria is projected to save Americans $823 million in utility costs and eliminate 4.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans waste 900 billion gallons of water each year flushing inefficient toilets. By replacing an older toilet with a WaterSense labeled model, a family of 4 could save more than $90 annually on water and sewer costs. Click here for more information on WaterSense products and services.

Promote Your Company As Green
Being green is becoming a very popular selling point for companies today as the number of environmentally conscious consumers grows. So let your customers know about your green products and services by:

  • Telling them in all your marketing materials and promotions.
  • Getting listed in directories as a “Green Contractor” by completing a nationally accredited training program in environmental and technical issues, such as the one offered by Green Plumbers USA.
  • Conducting – and marketing– energy audits for your customers. Then your company can help implement the recommended green improvements. Click here for more information about energy audits.

Keep Up with the Latest Green Technologies
It’s important to keep up with all the emerging green technologies to help educate your customers in making the best energy and water efficiency choices. Here are some additional green resources to help you do just that: