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MAY 2009   VOLUME 2   ISSUE 5  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Sales Training for Your Service Techs:
What Kind of COMPANY Are You Running?

Survey Results: Weinstein Sales Training Survey

Spotlight: KOHLER Water-Saving Products Help Your Customers Conserve Water without Sacrificing Performance

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Paul Weinstein Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Dear ,

In last month's newsletter feature, we discussed how a local plumbing and heating company is effectively using Tec Daddy's Service Technician Survival School on DVD to provide sales training to their employees. In this month's feature, Charlie Greer - HVAC Consultant of the Year and creator of this sales training video series - points out that service techs' ability to sell plays a key role in the success of HVAC companies. He also shares some important ways to teach and motivate your techs to sell more. In today's economy, this is a definite must read!

Paul Weinstein

P.S. Be sure to check out the water-saving products from KOHLER in our May Product Spotlight. This product line provides a great way to help protect the future of our world's water supply, while saving your customers money on their water bills.

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Sales Training for Your Service Techs:
What Kind of COMPANY Are You Running?

By Charlie Greer

You're not running a service company. You're running a sales company, and what you sell is service. Your service technicians are your reluctant sales force. As a contractor, your success depends on the success of your service technicians. If you want technicians to offer (translation: sell) more service agreements, accessory products, labor hours, and possibly even replacement equipment, stop hoping things will improve, and make something happen. This means altering your company's culture.

Read Sales Training for Your Service Techs: What Kind of COMPANY Are You Running?

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Weinstein Employee Sales Training Survey

Thank you to everyone who filled out last month's survey about sales training they provide for their service technicians. Click here to see the survey results.

If you enjoy reading the survey results this month, tell everyone your opinion next month! Take our newest survey now! It'll take only 30 seconds.

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KOHLER® Water-Saving Products Help Your Customers
Conserve Water without Sacrificing Performance

Thanks to KOHLER's comprehensive line of water-saving products, you can help your customers conserve water and still get the quality, beautiful design, and performance they expect from their kitchen and bathroom water fixtures and faucets. As EPA WaterSense 2008 Partner of the Year, KOHLER continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to product research and development, offering the largest selection of water-conserving products for both your residential and commercial customers.

To find out more about the various water-saving products available from KOHLER, click on the links below:
  • High-Efficiency Toilets
    KOHLER's 1.28-gal. High-Efficiency Toilets can save an average family of 4 up to 16,500 gallons of water annually compared to the less efficient toilets still used in more than 50% of homes in the U.S. today.

  • Water-Conserving Showerheads and Handshowers
    With KOHLER's 1.75 GPM showerheads, families can achieve about 35% savings in water usage compared to less efficient 2.75 GPM products.

  • Aerated Bathroom Faucets
    Compared to 2.75 GPM faucets, KOHLER's 1.5 GPM faucets with water-saving aerators are 45% more efficient and can mean at least 14,700 gallons less water used annually by an average family.

  • Commercial Products
    Because water fixtures in offices typically get a lot more use compared to those in homes, water-efficient toilets, urinals and flushometers installed by your commercial customers can have a significant impact on overall water conservation.

By working together, we can help protect the environment, conserve water, plus help your customers save money on their water bills. For more information about KOHLER water-saving products, as well as ways you can help your customers conserve water, visit our Web site - KOHLER Save Water America. And for our complete line of kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets, visit us at
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