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JULY 2009   VOLUME 2  ISSUE 7  
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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Managing Performance - How To Conduct A Performance Review Right

New Accord Bath & Shower from STERLING - Beautiful Designs, Easy-to-Install

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Paul Weinstein Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Dear ,

In this month's feature article, you'll find some great tips on how to conduct an effective performance review, as well as how to manage and inspire employee performance all year long. It's definitely useful advice for all who have employees reporting to them.

Paul Weinstein

P.S. Be sure to check out the new smartly designed Accord® showers and bath/showers from STERLING in our July Product Spotlight. Your customers will appreciate both their good looks and exceptional durability.

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Managing Performance - How To Conduct A Performance Review Right
By Cissy Pau

For many, the purpose of a performance review is often lost in the frenzy of filling out review forms, setting up meetings with employees, and sitting through awkward, contrived discussions with them about their performance. The performance review is about managing and improving performance. It should be a motivating, inspiring process conducted not just once a year, but on a regular basis. In this article, we'll discuss how to effectively manage performance and provide tips for how and when to conduct a proper performance review.

Read Managing Performance - How To Conduct A Performance Review Right

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New Accord® Bath & Shower from STERLING -
Beautiful designs, easy-to-install

Who Would Be Interested in the Accord® Bath/Showers and Showers?
Elegant and enduring designs that blend with any decor, plus innovative functionality, are among the reasons why your residential customers will appreciate the new Accord® Bath/Showers and Showers from STERLING. Not only are these new models beautifully designed, but also they're easy to install. Made of lightweight Vikrell® material, only one installer is needed to carry the components around the job site - saving you time and money.

Why Choose the New Accord Bath/Showers & Showers?
The following are some of the additional outstanding product features of the new Accord Bath/Showers and Showers:

  Accord Series 7226, 48x36x77 Shower
Accord® Series 7226, 48"x36"x77" Shower
  • Durable - Made from solid Vikrell material, the surface is highly resistant to staining, chipping, scratching and peeling.
  • Easy-to-Clean - The high-gloss surface repels both dirt and water.
  • Quick Installation - The Vikrell "click-together" system features interlocking wall clips that make an audible click when securely in place.
  • Saves Time & Money - Seam installation is completely caulkless.
  • Watertight - A new water management system prevents water from leaking through seams.
  • Spacious - Rounded interiors provide more usable space, plus storage is maximized thanks to more, deeper built-in shelves.

Click on the following links for more information on these new products from STERLING:
And for our complete line of kitchen and bath products, please visit the STERLING Web site at
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