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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

3 Marketing Tips for Getting Referrals from Your Customers

Viega ProRadiant Floor-Heating Systems — Exceptional Comfort, Energy Efficient

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

How can you motivate your current customers to refer your company to their friends and relatives? Find 3 easy and effective referral marketing tips that won't cost you anything in this month's feature.

Plus, be sure to check out our October Product Spotlight for Viega ProRadiant Heating Systems. This value-added product provides a great opportunity to help differentiate your company's space heating offerings, especially at a time when residential building is slowing down.

Paul Weinstein
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3 Marketing Tips for Getting Referrals from Your Customers
By Adrian Hargray

Getting referrals from existing customers is important because it is a very effective way to gain new customers for free. And acquiring a new customer without advertising is a great way to boost your business in no time. So in this article, we're going to talk about 3 ways to generate referrals from your existing customers, so that you can increase your sales profits without spending anything.

Read 3 Marketing Tips for Getting Referrals from Your Customers
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Viega ProRadiant Floor-Heating Systems — Exceptional Comfort, Energy Efficient

Viega ProRadiant Floor-Heating SystemsWho would be interested in Viega ProRadiant Heating Systems?

For your residential customers who put comfort first and foremost, the Viega ProRadiant floor-heating system is a smart choice. Not only will they enjoy the comfort that radiant floor heating provides, but they'll also appreciate the energy efficiency. By using the continuous circulation of warm water in the floor, heat is provided where it's needed, instead of wasted on the ceiling. You'll find the Viega ProRadiant heating systems installer-friendly and a great value-added product that can help differentiate your company's space heating offerings from competitors.

Why choose Viega ProRadiant Heating Systems?

The following are some of the outstanding product features of Viega ProRadiant Heating Systems:

•  Energy Efficient – This even heat distribution solution produces energy savings up to 30%.

•  Reduces Allergens – Because no forced air movement is used, the amount of dust and allergens moving around homes is decreased.

•  Flexible – Viega offers solutions for all applications, from existing retrofit to new construction, over wood or concrete, including wet and dry mass systems.

•  Durable – Uses cross-linked PEX tubing.

•  Easy to Install – All components fully integrate with each other.

Click on the following links for more information about the Viega ProRadiant heating systems:

•  Radiant Heating Solutions for Builders and Contractors

•  ProRadiant systems may be used in a variety of applications.

In addition, please visit the Viega Web site at for our complete line of plumbing and heating products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
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