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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

10 Tips For Surviving and Thriving in a Down Economy

New Watts Boiler Piping Package for Quick and Efficient Installation

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

In this month's feature, you'll find 10 great tips to help your business survive — and even thrive — in today's tough economy. Plus, be sure to check out the February Product Spotlight for the new Watts Boiler Piping Package that helps make boiler pipe installation faster, easier, and much more efficient.

Paul Weinstein
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10 Tips For Surviving and Thriving in a Down Economy
By Jess McLamb

Right now, our economy is on a roller coaster. To make sure your small business not only survives, but also thrives, you need to be creative, cautious, and compassionate. Here you'll find some tips that can help.

Read "10 Tips For Surviving and Thriving in a Down Economy"
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New Watts Boiler Piping Package for Quick and Efficient Installation

WattsWho would be interested in the Watts Boiler Piping Package?

Watts introduces a new package of products to help make it easier for installers to pipe a boiler and conform to boiler manufacturers' recommended piping methods. If space is tight, this boiler piping package also provides a lot of functionality in a small space. Plus, your customers will appreciate the high quality and durability offered by Watts' innovative flow-control products.

Why choose the Watts Boiler Piping Package?

Here are some of the outstanding features of the individual components of the new boiler piping package:

Microbubble Air Separator (Series AS-MB)

  Designed for efficient separation and elimination of entrained air in hydronic heating systems.

  No minimum inlet/outlet piping length required.

  Made of durable brass and corrosion-resistant polyphenylsulfone to withstand petroleum-based cleaners, glycol antifreeze, and temperatures up to 240° F.

  Fully serviceable design for cleaning and inspection.

Residential Boiler Fill Fitting (Series RBFF)

  Provides a convenient solution for complying with boiler manufacturers' piping requirements.

  Makes service easy for expansion tanks and water-pressure—regulator valves in closed-loop hot-water heating systems.

  Thanks to a three-way ball valve design, eliminates up to 12 ½-inch fittings in a compact package.

Bronze Combination Fill Valve and Backflow Preventers (Series B911, B911S)

  Provides make-up water to the boiler and prevents backflow when supply pressure falls below system pressure.

  Pre-assembled unit consists of a bronze Watts Model 9D backflow preventer and a bronze Watts Model 1156F feed water-pressure regulator.

  High-capacity fill valve for quick system filling and purging.

Expansion Tank (Series ETX)

  Designed for use on commercial and residential closed loop hydronic heating system piping to control the thermal expansion of hot water and maintain system pressure below the relief setting of the relief valve.

  Pre-pressurized steel tank features a durable expansion membrane that prevents contact of the water with the air in the tank.

Isolation Pump Flanges with Purge Port and Swivel Flange (PIPF)

  Designed to isolate circulator pumps to facilitate pump replacement or repairs while the integral purge port facilitates purging.

  Swivel flange allows optimal positioning of purge port.

  Brass body and flange with bottom loaded blowout-proof stem, chrome-plated ball, and advanced double O-ring stem seal technology.

Click on the following links for more information about the new Watts Boiler Piping Package:

  A video demonstration of the Watts Boiler Piping Package

  A Watts brochure — "Hydronic Packages for the Heating Professional"

In addition, please visit our website for our complete line of flow control products.
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