Goal Achievement Secrets — How To Hit Goals That Matter To You

Goal achievement brings happiness and fulfillment. If you have failed to hit your goals in the past then you have experienced the frustration and disappointment associated with not accomplishing the important aspirations that matter to you. Here are 3 goal setting tips to help you hit the goals that matter to you.

Write — Be sure to write your goals down. It has been said that the palest ink is stronger than the strongest memory. It is more important that you have written goals that you can look at than it is to mentally recall them from time to time. When you write your goal it makes it tangible. It is the beginning phase of making it happen in your life. Write your goal on several 3x5 index cards and put them in places where you can look at them often.

Read — Pull your goal cards out and read them through out the day. Each time you read the card you center your mind on your major objectives. This way you will not be distracted by your daily circumstances. Even if you are focused on your responsibilities your goals are still in your thoughts.

Each time you look at your goal you reinforce your desire to achieve it. You also center your attention on the main aspirations in your life. This helps you because in the normal day to day flow of life there is a tendency to get pulled and pushed in many directions. We get off on so many tangents that we sometimes fail to do the activities responsible for achieving our goals and realizing our dreams.

Speak — You want to talk about your goals every chance you get. This works for the same reason that goal cards do. Your constant verbalization of your goals imprints them on your subconscious mind and your conscious mind. If you are always talking about your objectives then they will stay at the forefront of your mind. They will maintain a high status on your list of priorities.

When you talk about your goals you should only talk to people who are supportive of you. Tell them what you are doing and why you are excited about it. They will support you and provide a level of accountability that you cannot give to yourself when you go at it alone.

Also talk to yourself. Use affirmations. Speak your goals throughout the day. This is one of the biggest goal achievement secrets. Affirmations help to program your mind for success.

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