The 10 Commandments for Contractors

1. Always Be On Time.

Most people do have a life, and they may have other things to do besides sitting around all day waiting for you to show up. Be on time, it will be appreciated, and it shows your prospective customer that you're reliable.

2. Give A Reasonable Estimate.

No one wants to be robbed or taken advantage of, so make sure all of your estimates are based on current material, labor and transportation costs. also figure a reasonable contingency estimate for unseen delays, and be sure to tell your clients it's refundable at the end of the job. if possible, give an itemized estimate, it will build trust between you and your customer.

3. Listen To Your Customer's Needs.

If you ignore your customer, you do so at your own peril, They are paying you to do a job that they want. Welcome your customer to give feedback on what's going on, what they like and don't like, etc. If there is something that is against the building code that they want, explain to them this is that and why that is this. Include them in the process, and you will have a satisfied customer.

4. Be Properly Licensed And Insured.

If the roof caves in on your roofing job, or one of your men accidentally cuts another guy's hand off, what are you going to do without insurance? In our business accidents happen, so make sure you have all of your licensing and proper insurances like workmen compensation and general liability. check all of your city's regulations and all required paperwork that you need before you begin working.

5. Implement Safety Policies And Gear For Your Employees.

Unless you like getting sued by the city and family members of employees, make sure all of your workers have their safety gear and training in place. It will help avoid tragedies and you can sleep at night, the term "safety first" holds ever so true for the remodeling and building industries. PROTECT YOUR MEN AND YOURSELF!

6. Stick To Budgets And Deadlines.

If You go Over budget or way past your deadline, who's going to pay for it? YOU. A lot of homeowners will not give you a penny more if this happens, they will hold to the original prices you've given them and you will have to dig in your pocket for any additional labor or materials. if you are unsure about your deadlines, you can try to negotiate a refundable contingency fee BEFORE you sign contracts and begin work. That will help with cost overruns or unforeseen delays.

7. Hire Qualified Tradesmen And Certified Technicians.

Always have the best men for the job. There is nothing worse than shoddy work, if you get a reputation for bad jobs you will be out of business faster than you can say Marco Polo. Stay away from day laborers and illegal aliens, you will get in trouble with the authorities and possibly loses your licenses. highly trained professionals will want top dollar for their skills, so don't be cheap! It pays off in the long run for your business, you want to avoid getting paid once to do a job twice.

8. Keep The Job Site Clean And Organized.

Nothing angers a homeowner more than to come home after a hard day's work to a trashed house or yard with construction debris everywhere. This is their home, you must respect it, clean up after the day's work is done and your customers will appreciate it and the crew might even get tips. This is one of the top complaints homeowners have with their contractors. After all, if it was your house how would you feel? Keep it clean!

9. Maintain Professionalism With Other Contractors & Subs.

Sometimes homeowners can have different contractors doing different jobs at their home at the same time, and chaos can result from contractors not liking each other, to stealing tools from other guys, to working on top of each other and this creates tension. Keep it professional, respect the other contractor and his crew, and you might develop another business connection, hey you never know, he just might sub you a job or two!


Well, this one speaks for itself. That's why we went into business in the first place!

Eric Lamar is a licensed Home improvement contractor in the greater New York City Area and has over 15+ years experience in the home improvement industry. His company, 96 pro contractors, has been in business since 2008 and specializes in all phases of home improvements. Visit us at to learn more about how you can improve your home!

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