Innovative Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters have been on the market for several years now, but recently they've begun to shake up the market with new innovative ideas that make them even more appealing.

The idea that you only heat water as you consume it is very attractive. We never think about the costs associated with maintaining the proper temperature in a tank we're not using when we're out of town or away for extended periods. We come home, turn on the hot water and expect it to be hot, never considering the cost to keep it that way while absent.

Tankless water heaters were designed to address that situation, and at the same time, reduce energy and water used for the typical family.

Now there are even more advances in tankless technology that increase efficiency and cure some of the issues that were coming into play at the beginning of the game, namely:

• point of use hot water for several outlets at once for a high-occupancy, single-family home, and

• the expense associated with installing the right sized gas lines and multiple units required to ensure 2-3 showers and appliances could run hot water at the same time.

• Also, sediment and scale problems were becoming more evident inside those tanks.

In 2011 these issues have been tackled and are completely avoidable.

Newer units now have an additional tank, located inside a small 'tankless' heater. This reservoir can hold 2-5 gallons of water available for immediate use, independent of automatically heated water. This speeds up the delivery cycle, saving time, energy and water. Circulating pumps bring that water to tap even faster.

In addition, newer models are now better equipped to handle larger capacities than their predecessors, gas or electric.

Gas models that used to require larger gas line installation to deliver the load necessary for both tankless and existing appliances, can now be installed without those concerns and additional expenses in most cases.

Electric models are now available with 'coil-free' technology, that eliminate most lime-scale build up. Many now have 'zero-clearance' installation, and are made to be attractive while located almost anywhere.

In addition, look for new hybrid models that reduce the need for multiple tanks for large capacity delivery. Tankless water heaters begin to heat the minute demand is placed on them by a turned faucet. Some delay in previous models caused consumer frustration, as water temperature couldn't be consistent. New hybrid technology ensures the temperature remains constant, and reviews are highly favorable.

Don't let older tankless water heater issues get in the way of your green thinking. People have been hard at work improving earlier systems, and the choices available to consumers today are less expensive, easier to install, cleaner to run, and maximize your hot water availability.

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