Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures Save Money

If you are a homeowner, you know how much high utility bills can cost you. One of the most important things to look into is figuring out how to cut the costs of living in your home without having to cut the quality of life that you have. When it comes to water usage, saving a little bit of water every time that you use your plumbing fixtures can add up to seriously high savings over the course of a lifetime. And you get the satisfaction that comes from knowing it helps the environment, too.

For those among us who are worried about the increasing costs of utilities, it only makes sense to look into toilets that have a low-flush system built it, or to look into low-flow shower heads. A low-flush toilet gets the job done well without actually using the large amount of water that traditional toilets have to use. Some can use as low as 1/3 the amount of water that a normal toilet would use. The low-flush toilet has been touted as one of the best inventions for the environmentally conscious in recent years. Low-flow shower heads function similarly well, and reduce the amount of water used by a gallon or more per minute. Having a low-flow shower head alone can reduce the amount of water by approximately 20%. They are highly efficient, durable, and also look great while saving water.

The low-flow plumbing fixtures that are being used in households today are definitely not the low-efficiency, low-quality shower heads and toilets of yesteryear. A typical shower head uses anywhere from 5 to 7 gallons per minute. Low-flow shower heads keep water usage to a very low to 1 gallon per minute flow while keeping the water hot, and pressure high. Unlike the old low-flush toilets that were known for clogging and usage problems, the newer lines are streamlined, tested, and made to last. In most cases, they are completely unable to be differentiated form a normal toilet. They look the same, they flush with the same results, and they also work in the same way. The only difference that most people ever mention is that low-flush toilets are sometimes quieter than regular toilets.

The reason that the newer models have gotten such great reviews is because of the way that they are designed. Nowadays, engineers add jet streams into the shower heads, which gives them a blend of water and air that gives people the same pressure and the same effect while using much less water. With low flow toilets, similar technology is used to get a stronger flush.

Saving water in your home also has an incredibly positive effect on the environment. For decades, clean water was actually being needlessly flushed down the toilet. Considering how much we need to conserve water, wasting water on toilet flushing is a terribly unnecessary thing to do. Without water conservation, our natural environments suffer. For example. fish lose the quality water that they need in order to survive. After all, only 10% of all waste water is actually disposed of properly. In order to have fresh water available for our next generations, we have to start figuring out how to use as little water as possible.

In 1990, the US government mandated that shower heads had to become low-flow in order to be sold because of the massive negative effect that wasting water was having on the environment. Water that normally would be in streams, lakes, and even falling to the ground as rainwater was removed and treated in large quantities in order to be used by us. This causes a major imbalance in the environment. By choosing a low-flush toilet or a low-flow shower head, you are choosing to help Mother Earth regain the balance needed in order to sustain life.

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