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MARCH 2012   VOLUME 5  ISSUE 3  
Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures Save Money

Kohler's Cimarron Toilets with AquaPiston Technology — Powerful Flushing Performance, Transitional Design

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

In this month's feature, you'll find useful information about how today's low-flow plumbing fixtures provide a great way for your residential customers to save money and help the environment, without sacrificing quality and efficiency. Plus, be sure to check out the March Product Spotlight for Kohler's Cimarron toilets with AquaPiston technology. Your customers will appreciate the powerful flushing performance and sleek, transitional design these toilets have to offer.

Paul Weinstein
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Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures Save Money
By Lonnie Rakestraw

For most of your residential customers, finding a way to cut the costs of living in their homes without having to cut the quality of life is a high priority. When it comes to water usage, saving a little bit of water every time they use their plumbing fixtures can add up to seriously high savings. Plus, it helps the environment, too. This month's feature discusses the technology and many advantages of today's low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Read "Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures Save Money"
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Kohler's Cimarron Toilets with AquaPiston Technology — Powerful Flushing Performance, Transitional Design

KohlerWho would be interested in Kohler's Cimarron Toilets with AquaPiston Technology?

Kohler's Cimarron toilets with AquaPiston technology combine improved flushing performance and new high-efficiency options with a fresh, transitional design. Compared to traditional flappers that only partially open when flushing, Kohler's AquaPiston canister lifts completely off the outlet valve. This releases water from 360 degrees around the valve, resulting in a powerful, gravity-fed flush. In addition, the WaterSense-labeled 1.28-gallon flush Cimarron model can save a family of four up to 16,500 gallons of water annually. Cimarron's sleek curves are also as clean as ever, making it a very versatile toilet that complements just about any decor.

Why choose Kohler's Cimarron Toilets with AquaPiston Technology?

The following are some of the outstanding product features of Kohler's Cimarron toilets with AquaPiston technology:

  Powerful — Flushes four times more than the average adult needs.

  Improved cleaning — Provides 50% more rinsing power compared to previous models.

  Plug-free — The gravity-fed flush virtually eliminates clogs.

  Fast installation — The DryLock Fast Install System makes no-leak installations quick and foolproof, requiring only a socket wrench to secure the tank to the bowl.

Click here for more information about Kohler's Cimarron toilets with AquaPiston technology. For Kohler's complete line of bathroom and kitchen products, please visit the company's website.

Kohler Offers a Special March Promotion to Earn a $50 Gas Card
From March 1 to 31, 2012, Kohler is running a special promotion through its wholesale distributors. Kohler will mail you a $50 gas gift card when you purchase two Cimarron toilets and two Cachet toilet seats with the Q3 Advantage. The gas cards can be claimed online. Gas cards are not available at Weinstein Supply locations. Plus, only Kohler Advantage partners are eligible for this promotion.

If you're not already a Kohler Advantage partner, you can register online in just minutes. In addition to being among the first to know about Kohler's new products and special promotions, professional plumbers who are Kohler Advantage partners also get VIP support, training opportunities, and more.

Click on the following links for more information about Kohler's Cimarron promotion to earn a gas gift card and the Kohler Advantage Program:

  Kohler Cimarron Promotion

  Kohler Advantage Program
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