The Most Important Sale Your Company Will Ever Make

Everyone is a salesperson

We're all in business to make some type of sale whether we realize it or not. That's how we fund and finance the rest of the company - and for that matter the entire economy.

However, only some of us are officially classified as salespeople. Others have various title and areas of responsibility. Nevertheless, everyone in the organization is a salesperson - regardless of their actual title or job description.

"Sales" is a great word

I know that the mere mention of the word "sales" to some people is uncomfortable - especially for those who don't traditionally think of themselves as making a presentation with a potential customer in a face-to-face setting or over the telephone or through an email dialogue.

But all of us are in sales to some degree.

First and foremost, sales is believing in yourself and in your product. It's believing in your company and your organization. It's believing in your ability to deliver a quality product at a fair price to an approving consumer - whether you personally deal directly with the customer or not.

Your entire company is a sales organization

There are those in your company whose primary role is to meet with the public and sell your products, services, ideas, or opportunities. They would classify themselves as professional salespeople, but that's only part of your organization. What about all the other team members? Are they in sales? In a word, yes!

If you don't believe that everyone in your company is in sales - even the forklift driver, or the receptionist, or the courier in the mail room, or the bookkeeper - just think of the many times throughout the day that they have the opportunity to influence how other people (outsiders as well as fellow employees) view your company and what general perceptions or attitudes they hold about what it is that you do and how well you do it.

No, they are not salespeople in the traditional sense with that title on their business card, but they are every bit as powerful and crucial to the overall success of your company as the people who are paid a salary or a commission to sell what you offer.

Sales is an attitude

Take your receptionist who answers the phone in a grumpy way or is otherwise impolite to a caller or who snaps at fellow employees because he or she is having a bad day. Could someone who has the misfortune of interacting with him or her on this "bad day" think that maybe your company is not such a happy place to work or that customer relations are not that important? What if he or she turns one bad day into a series of bad days?

What about your truck drivers or warranty people?

The biggest sale you'll make each day

There is a crucial sale that your company needs to make each day. It doesn't matter what type of business you're in or how many employees you have or if you have any at all. It doesn't matter what your annual dollar volume is or how many offices or locations you have.

The biggest sale your company will make each day is for each employee - starting with you - to be sold on the company and what it does. It's that simple.

How can your salespeople, your receptionists, your office staff, your management, or anyone else in your organization interact with the public - and with each other - in a positive, "we're-number-one" attitude unless they truly believe in what they're doing, the contribution that they're making to the overall effort, the quality of the organization, the strength of the product or service, and the integrity of the team members (from the top on down)?

Being "sold" on what you do

When the messenger or overnight delivery driver stops by your office, they should sense this enthusiasm that everyone has in your company. When clients or customers or outside sales reps stop by, they should feel that everyone in your company is sold on what you do - regardless of how many people they see or who they talk to.

Everyone in your company needs to be sold on your business everyday. This is a continuous goal. If you ever go a day without making a bookable sale to a customer or client, you should at least have the confidence that you made a sale to each person in your organization. That's why they'll come back the next day - and the day after that - and continue to strive to make the organization successful.

Steve Hoffacker, AICP, CAASH, CAPS, CGA, CGP, CMP, CSP, MCSP, MIRM, Hoffacker Associates LLC, West Palm Beach, FL, is a sales trainer/coach for new home sales, real estate, B2B, B2C, professional services, and other sales professionals. He has published several sales instructional books and has developed an innovative approach to customer management - from independent lead generation, needs discovery, ratings, and follow-up. He has redefined the sales process into 3 comprehensive steps. "Sales & Marketing Strategies That Make Sense." Contact Steve to learn more.

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