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MAY 2012   VOLUME 5  ISSUE 5  
Welcome from Weinstein Supply

The Most Important Sale Your Company Will Ever Make

Mainline's Newly Expanded Core Plumbing Product Line — High Quality, Unbeatable Value

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Whether you realize it or not, every single person in your company is involved in sales to some extent. In this month's feature, find out how to help ensure all employees are "sold" on your business and striving for success every day. Plus, be sure to check out the May Product Spotlight for Mainline's newly expanded core plumbing products line. Your customers will appreciate the outstanding quality and unbeatable value these new plumbing products offer.

Paul Weinstein
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The Most Important Sale Your Company Will Ever Make
By Steve Hoffacker

There is a crucial sale that your company needs to make each day. It doesn't matter how many employees you have. It doesn't matter what your annual dollar volume is or how many offices or locations you have. The biggest sale your company will make each day is for each employee — starting with you — to be sold on the company and what it does. How do you accomplish that? Find out in this month's feature.

Read "The Most Important Sale Your Company Will Ever Make"
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Mainline's Newly Expanded Core Plumbing Product Line — High Quality, Unbeatable Value

AscentIIWho would be interested in Mainline's new core plumbing products?

A combination of uncompromising quality and exceptional value — that's what your customers can expect when they purchase Mainline plumbing products. And now Mainline has expanded its core product line to include more than 250 new offerings. Backed by the manufacturer's original warranty, many of these new products are made in the United States and comply with the Buy America Act. All Mainline products are brought to you exclusively by Weinstein (Hajoca).

Why choose Mainline's new core plumbing products?

The following are some of the outstanding features of Mainline's new core plumbing products:

  Cements, Primers, and Cleaners — Suitable for PVC, CPVC, and ABS, these products include transitional cements, primers, and cleaners that are all low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  Washing Machine and Ice-Maker Boxes — Some of the benefits of the Mainline boxes include quarter-turn ball valves with multiple connections, three drain locations that fit a variety of installation needs, and EZ Out Test caps.

  Water Heater and Washing Machine Pans — These are available in both aluminum for gas heaters and polystyrene for electric heaters.

  ADA Trap Covers — Available both molded and soft, the covers are made of 1/8-inch pliable PVC and include Velcro for quick fastening. The covers meet UPC and ADA standards and fit multiple traps and supply lines.

  Air-Admittance Valves — Screened on both the inside and outside, all air-admittance valves meet ANSI/NSF standards.

  Hammer Arrestors — Approved for sealed-wall installations, the hammer arrestors are AA-single fixture size and can be installed at any angle.

  Shower Pan Liners — Available in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch sizes, the liners meet all FHA and HUD requirements.

  Plastic Closet Flanges — Available in ABS and PVC, the closet flanges include six models that all feature a recessed cap for quick and easy removal.

  Test Plugs — With both pneumatics and mechanicals available, these test plugs have a thicker wall, longer warranty, and stronger chain compared to other brands.

  Pipe Clamps and Insulators — A wide variety is available, including two-hole clamps, multi half-pipe clamps, full clamps, half clamps, pipe insulators, metal stud insulators, and plastic hangar straps.

Click here to learn more about Mainline's new core plumbing product line. In addition, please visit the company's website for their complete collection of plumbing products.
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