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JULY 2012   VOLUME 5  ISSUE 7  
Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Remodeling a Bathroom for Aging in Place

Shower Pans from ANGÉ Tile-EZ — Guaranteed Leak-Free and Easy to Install

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

There are numerous bathroom renovations your company can do to help customers stay in their homes through their retirement years. In this month's feature, you'll find many remodeling ideas that can help increase bathroom accessibility and keep your aging customers safe. Plus, be sure to check out the July Product Spotlight for ANGÉ Tile-EZ Shower Pans. Your customers will appreciate this innovative product's durability, installation efficiency, design flexibility, and leak-proof guarantee.

Paul Weinstein
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Remodeling a Bathroom for Aging in Place
By Joaquin Erazo, Jr.

As some of your customers move into retirement, they may find that it's time to remodel their homes to help them stay through retirement. Other words used to describe these design choices include "aging in place" and "universal design." Because of the risks of slipping, bath remodeling is the most common renovation undertaken when aging in place is a consideration. In this month's feature, you'll find some of the most useful ways to modify bathrooms for aging in place.

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Shower Pans from ANGÉ Tile-EZ — Guaranteed Leak-Free and Easy to Install

ANGE Tile-EZWho would be interested in ANGÉ Tile-EZ Shower Pans?

ANGÉ Tile-EZ has developed the most comprehensive solution for achieving a watertight shower pan for both your residential and commercial customers. The Tile-EZ pan is a one-piece, long-term sustainable receptor that is made with a proprietary lightweight, durable solid composite designed for tile applications. All Tile-EZ pans — including ones with Tile-EZ integrated seats — feature an integral flange system that requires no sealing or assembly in the field. Available in both standard and custom sizes, Tile-EZ shower pans are guaranteed not to leak.

Why choose ANGÉ Tile-EZ Shower Pans?

The following are some of the outstanding features of ANGÉ Tile-EZ Shower Pans:

  Pre-sloped design with integrated curb and flange system.

  Optional ADA and barrier-free access available with round-drain design or with Tile-EZ one-slope trough (OST) drain.

  Optional integrated seats available — including a bench and corner design — with a 1,000-pound load capacity.

  Mildew and fungus resistant.

  Optional curb sizes available, including a larger 4½-inch curb option, which allows easy capping with standard 6-inch marble sills.

  Thanks to easy-to-use water based thin-set, tile can be set directly on Tile-EZ curbs and pan surfaces, eliminating the need for epoxies or time-sensitive tile-setting materials.

  PVC glue-in drain assembly included with round chrome strainer (optional strainer finishes are also available).

  Optional square drain covers with a PVC or brass compression drain connection are available for slab installations or other installations where access to plumbing is limited.

  No liner, sealant material, or mud setting required for installation.

Click here to learn more about ANGÉ Tile-EZ Shower Pans and the company's complete line of products.
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