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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Working Safely in the Heat

Coming Soon: Wi-Fi VisionPRO Thermostat from Honeywell — Convenience, Comfort, and Control

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

In this month's feature, you'll find a lot of great information about how to work safely in the heat. Considering how hot the summer has been so far, we thought this topic would be a good one. Plus, be sure to check out the August Product Spotlight for the Wi-Fi VisionPRO thermostat coming soon from Honeywell. Your customers will appreciate being able to use their existing wireless system to remotely monitor and manage their home's energy usage.

Paul Weinstein
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Working Safely in the Heat

When working in hot environments, serious heat illnesses can occur. The most extreme heat-induced illnesses are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If not treated, heat-related illnesses could lead to mental confusion, seizures, or even death. What can you do to help recognize, treat, and, most important, prevent heat-induced illnesses? You'll find the answer to that question in this month's feature article.

Read "Working Safely in the Heat"
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Coming Soon: Wi-Fi VisionPRO Thermostat from Honeywell — Convenience, Comfort, and Control

HoneywellWho would be interested in Honeywell's new Wi-Fi VisionPRO Thermostat?

Millions of homes today are equipped with Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Now Honeywell's popular and easy to install VisionPRO thermostat can connect to a home's existing wireless system. And with this new Wi-Fi VisionPRO thermostat, your residential customers can easily monitor and manage temperatures from anywhere to help drive their energy savings.

Why choose Honeywell's new Wi-Fi VisionPRO Thermostat?

The following are some of the outstanding features of the Wi-Fi VisionPRO thermostat:

  Remote access and control — Connecting to a home's existing wireless system, the Wi-Fi VisionPRO lets your customers easily manage energy usage from anywhere through smartphones, tablets, or computers.

  Energy efficient — Homeowners can program the Wi-Fi VisionPRO to save up to 33% in annual heating and cooling costs.

  Touchscreen interaction — Large, clear backlit digital display with touchscreen technology makes it easy for homeowners to read and program the Wi-Fi VisionPRO.

  Dual-fuel capable — Select models allow for control of dual-fuel systems.

Click here for more information about Honeywell's new Wi-Fi VisionPRO thermostat. In addition, please visit the Honeywell website to see their complete line of innovative products and services.
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