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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

4 Steps to Optimal Performance

Weil-McLain Introduces New Wall-Mount Boiler Size

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

In the spirit of the recent Olympics, this month's feature discusses a four-step method to help you optimize your work performance in 2012. Plus, be sure to check out the September Product Spotlight for Weil-McLain's new 155,000-BTU input model of their WM97+ Wall-Mount Gas Condensing Boiler. Your customers will appreciate this new gas boiler model's 97% AFUE rating, which exceeds Energy Star requirements and qualifies for all available tax credits and rebates.

Paul Weinstein
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4 Steps to Optimal Performance
By Alexandra Sleator

This month's feature article draws inspiration from the recent Olympics and provides a four-step method to help you get a gold medal for your work performance in 2012.

Read "4 Steps to Optimal Performance"
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Weil-McLainWeil-McLain Introduces New Wall-Mount
Boiler Size

Product SpotlightFresh off the debut of the WM97+ Wall-Mount Gas Condensing Boiler, Weil-McLain proudly announces the addition of a new WM97+ boiler, a 155,000-BTU input model. Weil-McLain's latest wall-mount boiler size joins the original lineup of 70,000- and 110,000-BTU input models; all three offer an astounding 97% AFUE rating!

Loaded with features, the WM97+ is extremely easy to install and operate, saving time and money with built-in features that include a boiler circulator, primary/secondary piping, low water cut-off, three-zone control, text display, pre-wired terminal strips, and 5-to-1 turndown ratio capability — all in a stylish compact wall-mount cabinet. Also, the WM97+ offers flexibility with its multiple venting options and simple gas conversions. In addition, the unit has a durable unique stainless-steel fire tube heat exchanger with a corrosion-resistant condensate collector base.

The WM97+ has received the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2012 designation, which recognizes the most efficient products among those that qualify for the Energy Star. This exceptional gas boiler represents the leading edge in energy-efficient products this year and qualifies for all available tax credits and rebates.

Reasons to Buy WM97+

  1. Save time and money on installation

  2. Highly insulated polypropylene jacket minimizes heat loss

  3. High-performance stainless-steel tank and coil allows for maximum heat transfer and longer life

  4. Plug-and-play electrical connections allow for quick recognition and setup

  5. Designed for easy maintenance and service

  6. Compact size provides a stackable feature and small footprint…saving valuable space

  7. Installation flexibility can accommodate site piping configurations

  8. Maximizes energy savings

  9. Weil-McLain quality

Weil-McLain — Simplified Solutions for a Complex World

Click here for more information about Weil-McLain's new WM97+ boiler. In addition, please visit the Weil-McLain website for the complete line of residential and commercial boilers.
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Save the Date: Open House at Weil-McLain's
Mid-Atlantic Office on September 19, 2012
Weil-McLain will be hosting an Open House on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, at the Mid-Atlantic office at 17000 Commerce Parkway in Mt. Laurel, NJ. There will be a full day of events and training. Hope to see you there. Click here for details.

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