3 Ways to Improve Confidence in the Workplace

In the words of Jim Collins, 'Genuine confidence is what launches you out of bed in the morning and through your day with a spring in your step.' Confidence in the work place creates a lot of energy, good flow, creativity and several other benefits that greatly impact productivity positively. Confident staffs help build a great and charged workplace with everybody looking forward to having a thrill at work. Does this sound like what you love? Now, I know workplace productivity is certainly one of your concerns as an employer or people manager. Isn't it so? You therefore need to leverage confidence in your employees in order to boost productivity. So, how do you improve the confidence of your staffs in the first place? What are the ways? Let us consider three of these approaches.

Empower and recognize your people. As much as possible grant all the required authority and responsibility to your staffs, with the accompanying resources they need to achieve the goals and objectives assigned to them. Let them know they are in charge and are accountable for what they do. Where they lack the required skills and knowledge, train and develop them and let them carry on. Make good use of feedback. When they succeed or perform well recognize and praise them. The more you empower them through these and other approaches the more confidence they will have.

Build a culture of trust. Now, who on this earth does not want to be trusted? Trusted employees are confident employees. Your staffs easily detect and know whether you trust them or not. Your words and actions matter. I believe you agree with me on this one. Build trust by allowing them to have their liberty, exercise their judgment and creativity, and act accordingly. Leave them do their work and watch from a good distance. Stop glancing over their shoulders as they apply themselves to their jobs. Provide room for mistakes and handle mistakes wisely. Now, I can hear you talk about the cost of mistakes. But mistakes are part of learning. Delegate, let go and assign with minimum interference. Be open and truthful. Be loyal to those not around. Fulfill your promises and be fair. You will see their confidence level soar over time. According to Theodore Roosevelt, 'The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.'

Involve and commit people. Do your staffs really feel involved in what you do? Does their participation make them more committed? Let your staffs be a part of what you do - whether it is planning, implementation, reviews, setting performance benchmarks, allocation of resources etc. You could even consider the open-book management approach, where leaders reveal everything to staffs. If you were a worker in such an environment, wouldn't your confidence get a powerful boost? Elton Mayo's famous Hawthorne Experiments in the 1920's in the US confirmed that employee participation improves productivity. Involvement generates commitment - the emotional and psychological attachment your employees have towards your enterprise. All these work towards improving their confidence and eventually productivity.

If you succeed in building confidence among your staffs, the results will be amazing. They will own their jobs and get really engaged, with resultant higher productivity. You will certainly win with a confident team in your enterprise. Isn't it time to try out these and other relevant approaches to improving employee confidence?
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Clayton Mwaka

Clayton Mwaka is a chartered accountant and organizational consultant who is passionate about developing enterprises, and empowering people including entrepreneurs, to maximize their potential. He is the author of the must-read and information-packed book on entrepreneurship entitled The Wise Entrepreneur, and the motivational book entitled Beyond The Comfort Zone - a fascinating study of the paradox of comfort and discomfort. He also writes articles on various aspects of business management, finance and self improvement. You can find out more through http://www.thewiseentrepreneur.co.ug.

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