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Exhaust Fan Timers Provide a Simple Way to Save Energy

Panasonic's WhisperRecessed Ventilation Fan/Light — Stylish, Quiet, and Highly Efficient

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Many of our customers these days are looking for new ways to cut energy costs. As this month's feature discusses, exhaust fan timers are a great and simple way for homeowners to save energy. Plus, be sure to check out the February Product Spotlight for Panasonic's WhisperRecessed ventilation fan/light. Your customers will appreciate the attractive design, quiet operation, and energy efficiency this product delivers.

Paul Weinstein
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Exhaust Fan Timers Provide a Simple Way to Save Energy
By Yaminah Jappah

After a long day, sometimes there is nothing better than a good shower, right? Afterwards, you turn on the bathroom fan to prevent moisture. An hour later, you've made something to eat, watched an episode of Glee, and called your friend to chat about it. You hear a faint humming, but can't quite place it. A-ha! That bathroom fan is still on, both exhausting air and increasing energy bills. Instead of beating yourself up about it, install exhaust fan timers to eliminate this problem while also reducing energy use.

Read "Exhaust Fan Timers Provide A Simple Way to Save Energy."
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Panasonic's WhisperRecessed Ventilation Fan/Light — Stylish, Quiet, and Highly Efficient
Panasonic WhisperRecessed Ventilation Fan/LightWho would be interested in Panasonic's WhisperRecessed ventilation fan/light?

For your customers who are looking for a quiet, energy-efficient combination fan and light that is also stylishly designed, the WhisperRecessed from Panasonic delivers it all. Resembling a designer can-light, the WhisperRecessed features a powerful yet quiet ventilation fan that is hidden in the ceiling. The 80 CFM fan not only effectively removes moisture, indoor pollutants, and allergens from the air, but it's also 187% more efficient than ENERGY STAR standards.

Why choose Panasonic's WhisperRecessed ventilation fan/light?

The following are some of the outstanding features and benefits of Panasonic's WhisperRecessed ventilation fan/light:

  ENERGY STAR-qualified fan and light fixture
  Powerful performance and super-quiet operation
  Fully enclosed AC motor, rated for 30,000 hours continuous run
  Beautiful lighting with 6½-inch aperture and advanced luminaire design
  Adjustable lamp positioning and deeper lamp regression for reduced glare
  UL-listed for tub/shower enclosures
  Easy to install, thanks to a double-hanger bar system
  Built-in damper to prevent backdraft
  Rustproof paint treatment on galvanized housing

Click here for more information about Panasonic's WhisperRecessed ventilation fan. In addition, please visit Panasonic's website to see their complete product line of ventilation system products.

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Please be sure your consumers are
aware of these rebates available today!
PECO   PECO offers energy-efficiency rebates and natural gas conversion credit programs. They could come in handy when you try to upsell a job to more efficient equipment.

PECO Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
You may be eligible for a $300 rebate on a new heating system, and/or a $50 rebate on a new residential water heater. Read more.

PECO Natural Gas Conversion Rebate/Credit Program
You may be eligible for up to a $1,000 rebate, in addition to any other PECO rebates you may receive. Read more.
PGW   Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) offers energy savings and rebates to both businesses and homeowners. Click here for details about other programs and rebates.
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