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JUNE 2013    VOLUME 6  ISSUE 6  
Welcome from Weinstein Supply

How Is Heating and Cooling Equipment Measured?

Heil Touch-Screen Observer Communicating Wall Control — Maximizing Performance and Energy Efficiency

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Which HVAC system is the most energy efficient? That's a question many of our customers — both residential and commercial — are asking these days. This month's feature provides a great summary of the current efficiency ratings you can use to help customers understand and choose the best HVAC systems. Plus, be sure to check out the June Product Spotlight for the Heil touch-screen Observer communicating wall control. Your customers will appreciate the Observer's user-friendly design, exceptional comfort control, and energy savings.

Paul Weinstein
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How Is Heating and Cooling Equipment Measured?

By David F Gray

There is a growing awareness in today's world of the necessity of reducing our carbon footprint and doing everything possible to stop greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere of our planet Earth. To accomplish this, everyone must do their part, and making sure the HVAC system in your home and business runs efficiently is an excellent way. If your HVAC system is running efficiently, it will use less energy and operate better. The Department of Energy has set standards that help home and business owners as well as the HVAC industry to determine which systems are the best for maximum efficiency.

Read "How Is Heating and Cooling Equipment Measured?"
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Heil Touch-Screen Observer Communicating Wall Control — Maximizing Performance and Energy Efficiency
Heil Touch-Screen Observer Communicating Wall ControlWho would be interested in the Heil Observer communicating wall control?

Help your residential customers optimize the performance of their Heil communicating home comfort systems with the Observer communicating wall control. The Observer controls all equipment — from gas furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps to fan coils, humidifiers, and air cleaners — to create the ideal comfort zone. Not only does the Observer adjust communicating HVAC equipment for maximum performance and energy efficiency, but it also reminds homeowners when it's time for routine maintenance. Plus, the unit is easy to install and service.

Why choose the Heil Observer communicating wall control?
The following are some of the outstanding features and benefits of the Heil Observer communicating wall control:
Sleek compact design with full-color, touch-screen display and full keyboard for data entry.
Intuitive, easy-to-use, menu-based functions
Universal, works with all brands of equipment (accessory conversion board is required if it is not installed with Heil communicating equipment)
Fully programmable for maximum comfort and energy savings
Filter and maintenance reminders
Enhanced humidity control and constant-fan speed options (with compatible communicating equipment)
No batteries required
Non-volatile memory retains program settings through power outages.
Click on the following links for more information about the Heil Observer communicating wall control:

Brochure for the Heil Observer communicating wall control
Product specifications for the Heil Observer communicating wall control

In addition, please visit Heil's website to see the company's complete line of heating and cooling products.

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Please be sure your consumers are
aware of these rebates available today!
PECO   PECO offers energy-efficiency rebates and natural gas conversion credit programs. They could come in handy when you try to upsell a job to more efficient equipment.

PECO Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
You may be eligible for a $300 rebate on a new heating system, and/or a $50 rebate on a new residential water heater. Read more.

PECO Natural Gas Conversion Rebate/Credit Program
You may be eligible for up to a $1,000 rebate, in addition to any other PECO rebates you may receive. Read more.
PGW   Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) offers energy savings and rebates to both businesses and homeowners. Click here for details about other programs and rebates.
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