The 6 Core Attributes You Need to Earn Trust in Sales

By Kurt Newman

Trust is central to building client relationships. Trust is developed when integrity and competence are demonstrated with every interaction. The client needs to have a firm belief in the salesperson's reliability, their predictable behaviour and honesty.

It is not uncommon for a client to proceed with a decision even though they may not fully understand how the solution will work because of the level of trust that has been established between themself and the salesperson. The level of trust is so strong they don't need proof to make their decision.

Trust is a currency, it's real and it can be measured in terms of reduced selling cycle time and profit. When trust is lost it can be difficult and time consuming to regain.

When trust has been firmly established it can be the differentiator between yourself and your competitors. Trust is demonstrated by:

  The client telling you openly what you need to do to win the business
  Informing you in advance of an up and coming sales opportunity
  Sharing confidential information so you fully understand their situation
  A more collaborative relationship
  Updates on competitor activity
  Less information needed to make a decision
  Greater understanding if a mistake is made
  When you are criticized by others in your absence the client will stand up for you
  The client only wanting to deal with you.


How to earn trust

When you have earned a client's trust you become part of their inner circle of influence and will have the following core attributes:

  1. Competent — You are seen as being very competent in your field and also have a solid understanding of the client's business as a whole
  2. Creditable — The client believes and trusts what you are saying is the truth. You have great integrity
  3. Reliable — You are consistent in your actions. What you say you will do, you do.
  4. Personal — The emotional connection is one of great personal trust and empathy
  5. Selfless — The focus is on the client's needs and not your agenda. You do what is right for the client even if it means not getting the sale.
  6. Independent thinker — You have the strength of character to express your opinion even if you expect the client to disagree. You ask questions that allow the client to reflect and reconsider an impending decision.

Earning a client's trust takes time and it's important to be yourself. Developing and living the core attributes will place you in an enviable position, one that your competitors will find difficult to break through.

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