5 Things Necessary For The 2014 Potential Driven Person

By Donniece Greene-Smith

Are you looking to make 2014 a year that releases more of your potential? If yes than these 5 things listed below are necessary. If no then this does not apply.
  1. Abandon Your Excuses — Take responsibility for your life and the things you desire to achieve. Understand that excuses are toxic to potential living and if you are intending on living a life of potential you must not tolerate excuses from yourself and those in your business or team. By abandoning your excuses you allow yourself to show up on the playing field of life with the clearest view on how to achieve your desired results. The same goes for your business and team; if excuses are tolerated then customer experience as well as every other aspect of your business will be affected by those false alibis. The reason for not showing up will then become your signature in life and business.
  2. Get Rid of Sympathy Driven Folks — Those individuals that are at every moment seeking to get or give sympathy for any reason. As sweet as it is to have people who are sympathetic to our situations in life, it is also detrimental to have sympathy driven folks too close if we intend to be potentially driven. Why? Because their focus will be on making sure you feel good and that you are never uncomfortable. Not only do sympathy driven folks seek to always sympathise with you, they want you to return the favour. Their focus is on keeping the status quo, albeit unconsciously intended most of the times. You can't develop your potential with sympathisers in your closest circles. Adapting this mind-set may anger those sympathisers but consider whether or not you will be able to expand your potential with people who rather seeks sympathy or give you sympathy instead of challenging you.
  3. Develop a Plan for Growth — Developing a plan for growth in the areas you'd like to see greater results and your potential expanded will require you begin to think into those results differently than what you have done in the past. Putting together and planning a personal growth plan is necessary to see your potential expanded and whilst planning your growth is great, you must take action. A plan not acted upon is a wish building its wings ready to fly away without you. Developing a plan for growth is action towards expanding ones potential. Potential driven folks are not in the slightest bit hesitant to taking action that will improve them and their performance; in fact they make it a lifestyle thinking on how to do exactly that.
  4. Hold Yourself to The Highest Standard Possible — When you clear the way of excuses and all the other barriers you will not only see yourself operating at a higher level but you will call yourself to higher standards knowing that you can achieve them. Only then can you call yourself to high standards and then meet those standards knowing you are capable of achieving great things. Whatever you decide to do; expanding your potential will be achievable as you hold yourself to higher standards; and by holding yourself to higher standards you allow others to place faith in you. This ties in closely with abandoning excuses. It will also serve you well to have team members who also held you to higher standards and vice versa. After all if your goal is to become more potentially driven then surrender average standards and everyone that is comfortable with you producing such standards.
  5. Have in Your Armour Great Mentors, Great Coaches and Accountability Partners — Your mentors have a proven road that works and they can help save you a lot of worries and misfortunes just through their wisdom and experience. Great coaches will help you to find the genius within you, by consistently challenging you through proven methods that will send you on a journey of self-discovery and expand your awareness and potential. Both mentors and coaches help you to see things that you won't be able to see on your own. Accountability partners are your cheerleaders and team players; they help keep you focused on your goals; they remind you that you can do what you set out to do. Bottom line is, if you are potentially driven then you will already have these people in your life. If you are thinking of being potentially driven for 2014 then you need to get active now and find those individuals who will help you live into your potential.
Make 2014 the year of expansion! There are many keys to success like, getting our mindset open for it, having persistence and being around people who are thinking like we think and having someone on our side whose only motive is to see us operate in your full potential.

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