6 Easy Tips To Keep You Positive

By Karen E Fourie

People don't really differ from one another.

The only BIG difference is their ATTITUDE.

Is it Positive or Negative?

This is what distinguishes people from one another. a Negative attitude can ruin your life.

(I know you've heard this before but really it can.) You can start the day negative and end it in total "DARKNESS." You go on and on and on - you don't even realize how you are getting worse during the day. It becomes so bad you become your own worst enemy. Everything and everybody is a problem and does something wrong and irritates you. You feel as if you are in a dark hole and you are sinking in deeper and deeper. The light at the top is getting smaller and smaller.


You don't know and you don't understand.

This whole situation affects everything and everybody around you.

The next day is just the same, except you end the day off feeling just a bit more negative and it's every situation or person's fault except your own.

This situation is called snowballing.

You can't live a Positive Life with a Negative mind set.

Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference.


Yes wake-up! And when you wake-up in the morning ask yourself what is your Attitude most of the time?

Is it how you want it?

Positive or Negative

Yes for Life or No for Life

Happy or Unhappy

If it is Negative then you have made the wrong choice when you woke up!

Life is full of choices, and yes to be positive is a choice you make on a Daily Basis. It's not some choice you make this week for the month or so. It's something you do daily. If you do not commit yourself daily and make the decision you will end up being negative again and fall into the HABIT of "Everything and Everybody is a Problem."

6 Easy Tips to Keep You Positive:
  1. Always look for the Positive side of things in Life. If you always look for the negative side of things - you will spend an enormous amount of time trying to overcome your Negative Thoughts.
  2. Surround yourself with Positive People. This will put you in a positive environment. (and mood)
  3. Become aware of your feelings - change them if necessary.
  4. Read uplifting Articles and Books regularly.
  5. It's easy to be inspired, but remind yourself to stay inspired. (Easy way to do this is to keep a card in your pocket with Inspirational notes on them.)
  6. Every morning when you wake-up remember to decide: If you want to be happy or not?
Positive verses Negative

Karen Fourie. To be INSPIRED is GOOD, To INSPIRE is GREAT!!!

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