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Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Personal and Business Growth — Relationship for Success

Sterling’s New Ensemble Medley Bath/Showers — Easy, Caulk-Free Installation

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

What’s the key to growing and sustaining a successful business? You’ll find the answer to that question in this month’s feature. Plus, be sure to check out the March Product Spotlight for Sterling’s new Ensemble Medley bath/showers. These bath/showers install quickly and easily — without the use of caulk — thanks to a Dry Block seal and a unique channeled water-containment system that prevents leaks. Your customers will also appreciate the attractive design and durability offered by the Ensemble Medley.

Paul Weinstein
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Personal and Business Growth — Relationship for Success
By Emmanuel Lardis

Many business owners who struggle to expand or maintain growth in their business see market forces, demand or external conditions affecting their performance. What they fail to see is the most crucial factor to success in business — Adapting to change.

Read “Personal and Business Growth — Relationship for Success.
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Sterling’s New Ensemble Medley Bath/Showers — Easy, Caulk-Free Installation

Sterling Bath ShowersWho would be interested in Sterling’s new Ensemble Medley bath/showers?

When it comes to installing bath/shower units, caulking often presents the biggest and messiest challenge. But now, with the new Ensemble Medley bath/showers from Sterling, installation is quick, easy, and caulk-free. The Ensemble Medley features an innovative interlocking design — a Dry Block seal and channeled water-containment system — that forms watertight seams to help prevent leaks. Both attractive and functional, the contemporary design of the Ensemble Medley is a great way to update a bathroom. It will provide your customers with lasting beauty that’s both durable and easy to maintain.

Why choose Sterling’s new Ensemble Medley bath/showers?

The following are some of the outstanding features and benefits of Sterling’s new Ensemble Medley bath/showers:
  • Models are available in two sizes: 60 x 30 inches and 60 x 32 inches
  • Multipiece design with tongue-and-groove interlocking joints not only provides a seamless look that is watertight, but also makes it easy to transport and fit through doorways to install
  • Entire units are made from Vikrell, Sterling’s exclusive material that is durable, features a high-gloss finish, and is easy to clean and maintain
  • Four conveniently situated shelves can hold between 10 and 12 shampoo bottles
  • Colors include White and Kohler Biscuit.
Click here for more information about the new Sterling Ensemble Medley bath/showers. Plus, please visit Sterling’s website to see the company’s complete line of bathroom and kitchen products.

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Please note the following changes to pricing on products carried by Weinstein Supply and their effective dates.

Erratum: The Pricing Update in the February issue mistakenly indicated that there was an increase in Brasscraft Gas Connectors on 1/7/14. We apologize for the error.
Pricing Changes

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