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How to Make Good Ethical Decisions

Kohler’s New Touchless Toilet — Fewer Germs Picked Up and Left Behind

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

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What’s the right thing to do? You’ve likely had to make decisions — both personally and professionally — that required an answer to that question. In this month’s feature, you’ll find some great guidelines for how to make good ethical decisions. Plus, be sure to check out the May Product Spotlight for Kohler’s new Touchless toilet. The “no-touch flush” means fewer germs are picked up and left behind. And that’s something your customers are sure to appreciate!

Paul Weinstein
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How to Make Good Ethical Decisions
By Gerald Gillis

From time to time we are all faced with important decisions. Sometimes those decisions are influenced, or perhaps even driven, by ethical considerations. Business leaders routinely face choices in which ethical standards can be ignored, adhered to, or shaded in an attempt at some sort of compromise. What should we do when faced with such a decision?

Read “How to Make Good Ethical Decisions.
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Kohler’s New Touchless Toilet — Fewer Germs Picked Up and Left Behind

Kohler's New Touchless ToiletWho would be interested in Kohler’s new Touchless toilets?

Kohler’s new Touchless toilet is an innovative hygienic solution for the homeowner. Nothing to touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind. Not only is this a great way to increase overall bathroom cleanliness, but also your customers with young children will find it’s a fun way to introduce potty training.

What is Touchless?

Touchless is a small black box that hangs inside the toilet tank and connects to the flush valve. It senses when your hand is motioning to flush the toilet and then flushes it for you. Touchless is also:

  Leading-edge technology
  A new kind of clean
  Sleek toilet design
  The flush of the future.

How does Touchless work?

On the right side of the interior of the toilet tank, the Touchless module is suspended above the water line, hanging by a metal bracket. A chain connects the wheel on the module to the flush valve. Inside the module is an easy-access battery pack that holds four AA batteries, the circuit board, and the sensor. About 2 or 3 inches above the tank lid, an electromagnetic field is projected from the module. It senses your hand and activates the wheel to pull up the chain connected to the flush valve.

Touchless has a 6- to 12-month battery life — depending on usage — and also comes equipped with a low-battery indicator. Once the product has 4 weeks of power left, it will start beeping five times before each flush. Kohler Touchless is available in the Cimarron 2-Piece Touchless Toilet, as well as with a Retrofit Kit that fits most residential toilets. The Touchless retrofit kit is compatible with nearly all flapper and canister flushing systems; however, it is not compatible with dual-flush toilets, ballcock toilets, and pressure-assist toilets.

Please visit Kohler’s website to see the company’s complete line of bath and kitchen products.

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