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10 Principles Each Leader Should Know

Delta Faucet's New Temp2O™ Handshowers, Showerheads, & Tub Faucets — Innovative Technology, Stylish Design

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

What does it take to be a great leader? In this month's feature, you'll find 10 qualities that are essential for effective leadership. Plus, don't miss the September Product Spotlight for Delta Faucet Company's new handshowers, showerheads, and tub faucets with Temp2O™ Technology. Your customers will appreciate the digital display — featuring LED color indicators for different water temperature ranges — that provides a quick and easy visual indication of bath water temperature.

Paul Weinstein
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10 Principles Each Leader Should Know
By Anush Kostanyan

There are a multitude of definitions and theories regarding what makes an effective leader. Although leaders choose their own unique formulas for success, there are key attributes to true leadership that can't be ignored. Here are 10 important principles that all leaders should know.

Read “10 Principles Each Leader Should Know.
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Delta Faucet's New Temp2O™ Handshowers, Showerheads, & Tub Faucets — Innovative Technology, Stylish Design

Delta Faucet Temp2OWho would be interested in Delta Faucet's new Temp2O™ handshowers, showerheads, and tub faucets?

Is the bath water too hot or too cold? Thanks to Delta Faucet's new Temp2O™ Technology, your customers can now make a quick and easy assessment by simply looking at the LED digital display on their handshowers, showerheads, or tub faucets. In addition, three color indicators signal different temperature ranges: Blue represents less than 80o F, magenta is between 80o and 110o F, and red is greater than 110o F. The color indicators are especially useful for young children who don't yet understand degrees in temperature.

This new line of Temp2O tub and shower products from Delta Faucet offers innovative features and attractive design to meet your customers' desire for both functionality and style.

Why choose Delta Faucet's new Temp2O handshowers, showerheads, and tub faucets?

The following are some of the outstanding features of Delta Faucet's new tub and shower products with Temp2O technology:

Temp2O Handshowers and Showerheads

  Temperature display is powered by the flow of water, so no batteries are required.
  Six spray settings include Full Body Spray, Massage, Full Body with Massage, Shampoo, Shampoo with Massage, and Drenching Spray.
  Thanks to Touch-Clean rubber spray holes, calcium and lime buildup easily wipe away with the touch of a finger.

Temp2O Tub and Shower Faucets

  Temperature display operates using three AAA batteries, which are housed behind the twist-and-lock trim.
  During installation, customers can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for the temperature readout.
  In addition to the tub and shower option, a valve-only option is also available that allows customers to choose their own handle and showerhead for a customized look.
  Available in three styles (Traditional, Transitional, and Angular Modern) and five finishes (Chrome, Champagne Bronze, Polished Nickel, Brilliance Stainless, and Venetian Bronze).

Click here for more information about Delta Faucet's new Temp2O handshowers, showerheads, and tub faucets. Plus, please visit Delta Faucet's website to see the company's complete line of kitchen and bath products.
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