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7 Habits of Highly Effective Interviewers

Concord’s 95% Efficiency Gas Furnaces Optimize Comfort and Energy Savings

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

How are your interviewing skills? Are you successful at hiring the right people for the right jobs at your company? In this month’s feature, you’ll find seven valuable tips for how to be a more effective interviewer. Plus, don't miss the November Product Spotlight for Concord’s 95% efficiency gas furnaces. Your customers will appreciate the consistent temperatures, as well as the consistently efficient operation, that Concord furnaces provide.

Paul Weinstein
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Interviewers
By John Bishop

Hiring the best person for a job is an important way to help ensure the success of a company. Here are some important ways that can help you become an effective interviewer and make more high-impact hiring decisions.

Read “7 Habits of Highly Effective Interviewers.
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Concord’s 95% Efficiency Gas Furnaces Optimize Comfort and Energy Savings

Concord Gas Furnace 95G-2VWho would be interested in Concord’s 95% efficiency gas furnaces?

Concord’s high-efficiency gas furnaces are built for homeowners who are looking to strike a balance between keeping their families comfortable while also keeping monthly energy costs down. Whether your customers choose Concord’s Two-Stage Variable Speed 95% Gas Furnace or the Single-Stage (Constant Torque) Motor 95% Gas Furnace, they’ll be getting a heating system that is built to last. Made from components that are high quality and durable, every Concord product is backed by strong warranties.

In addition, Concord’s gas furnaces are quick and easy to install. All of Concord’s gas furnaces measure a compact 33 inches in height, allowing for installation in tight spaces. They also feature venting flexibility, as well as a heavy-duty, preformed duct connection with predrilled holes. Plus, such features as optimized component placement and open-back wiring connections make Concord’s gas furnaces easy to service.

Why choose Concord’s 95% efficiency gas furnaces?

The following are some of the outstanding features of Concord’s 95% efficiency furnaces:

  95% AFUE and Energy Star-qualified — Saves energy even during the coldest winter months; plus, homeowners could also be eligible for state or local tax credits.
  Convertible ready for horizontal applications — Installs as an upflow, horizontal left or horizontal right furnace right out of the box. This saves on installation time, since no changes are needed to the furnace.
  Condensate trap — Offers great flexibility for horizontal installs, since the condensate trap is rated for installation up to 5 inches away from the furnace.
  Aluminized steel heat exchanger with crimped, non-welded construction — Provides higher durability and safety when burners are ignited.
  Venting flexibility — Allows easier vent runs since furnaces are rated to take combustion air and vent air to two different pressure zones. In fact, these furnaces are even rated to vent down and out (with installation of vent kit).
  Serviceability — Ensures quick service, with all commonly serviced parts easily accessible.
  Warranty — Provides lifetime heat exchanger warranty, plus 10-year parts warranty on all AHRI-matched systems.

Click on the following links for more information about:

  Concord’s Two-Stage Variable Speed 95% Gas Furnace
  Concord’s Single-Stage (Constant Torque) Motor 95% Gas Furnace

Plus, please visit the Concord website to see the company’s complete line of heating and air-conditioning products.

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Special Furnace Sale!
FROM 10/20/14 – 11/21/14
$100 off any 80% furnace*
$125 off any 92% furnace*
$150 off any 95% furnace*
Contact your local Weinstein branch for more information.
*Promotion does not apply to products sold under special job or project quotations.
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