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Made in the USA: Buying American-Made Products

Mansfield Alto Toilets – Great Performance, Outstanding Value

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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Why should we buy products made in the USA? You’ll find six great reasons in this month’s feature article. Plus, don’t miss the December Product Spotlight for Mansfield’s Alto toilets. Your customers will appreciate not only that Mansfield’s Alto toilets are made in the USA, but also the great performance and value these toilets offer.

Paul Weinstein
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Made in the USA: Buying American-Made Products
By Janet Slagell

Support America by purchasing products made in the USA. Here are six reasons to choose American made products.

Read “Made in the USA: Buying American Made Products.
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Mansfield Alto Toilets – Great Performance, Outstanding Value

Mansfield alto toiletWho would be interested in Mansfield’s Alto toilets?

Mansfield Plumbing Products’ most popular toilet – the Alto – is the perfect choice for your customers who are looking for the style and performance of high-end toilets at a price they can afford. Your customers will also appreciate that Mansfield Alto toilets are made in the USA. Since 1929, Mansfield has been making china fixtures in the United States. In fact, the company’s workforce makes more pieces in the USA than all other manufacturers combined.

Why choose Mansfield’s Alto toilets?

The following are some of the outstanding features of Mansfield’s Alto toilets:

Provides powerful flushing, with models available in both 1.6 gpf and high-efficiency 1.28 gpf
  Flush tower provides more consistent flush and shut-off
  Both 2-inch and 3-inch flapper styles are available
  Mansfield’s SmartFasten bolts allow for fast and easy installation
  Sturdy three-bolt tank-to-bowl connection helps prevent rocking and leaking
  Available in 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch rough-in
  Offers versatility, with a configuration available for every situation: Round Front SmartHeight, Elongated SmartHeight, Round Front, and Elongated.

Click here for more information about Mansfield’s Alto toilets. Plus, please visit the Mansfield Plumbing Products website to see the company’s complete line of residential and commercial bath products.

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Special Furnace Sale!
Extended through 12/23/14
$100 off any 80% furnace*
$125 off any 92% furnace*
$150 off any 95% furnace*
Contact your local Weinstein branch for more information.
*Promotion does not apply to products sold under special job or project quotations.
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