How to boost your job performance with exercise
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June 2015   VOLUME 8  ISSUE 6  
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  Regular Exercise Improves Your Job Performance
  Samsung Whisper Wi-Fi Mini Split Air Conditioner–Cools Faster, Farther, and More Efficiently
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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

How can you feel more energized, focused, and motivated at work? Exercise regularly. Find out how you can boost your job performance with exercise in this month's feature. Plus, don't miss the June Product Spotlight for the Samsung Whisper Wi-Fi mini split air conditioner. Your customers will appreciate how its unique triangular design helps ensure that cool, fresh air is delivered faster, farther, and more efficiently.

Paul Weinstein
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Regular Exercise Improves Your Job Performance
By Tanja M Shaw

Studies have shown that exercising during work hours improves job performance. Other mental benefits of working out regularly include sustained mental endurance, better time management, and a higher level of concentration. In this feature, find tips for determining the best exercises to help boost your job productivity, happiness, and inspiration.

Read "Regular Exercise Improves Your Job Performance"
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Samsung Whisper Wi-Fi Mini Split Air Conditioner – Cools Faster, Farther, and More Efficiently

Kohler's Choreograph Shower Wall & Accessory CollectionWho would be interested in the Whisper Wi-Fi mini split?

The Samsung Whisper Wi-Fi mini split air conditioner is a great choice for your customers who are looking for both superior cooling and outstanding efficiency. Its unique triangular design features a wider inlet, which allows more air to be drawn in compared to conventional unit designs. The Whisper Wi-Fi mini split's wider outlet, extra v-blades, and bigger fan also help ensure that fresh, cool air is delivered faster and farther to every corner of a room.

In addition, the Whisper Wi-Fi mini split has an innovative Wi-Fi option, so your customers can conveniently control the system via an Internet-connected smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere.

Why choose the Whisper Wi-Fi mini split?

The following are some of the outstanding features of the Samsung Whisper Wi-Fi mini split:

Single-zone high wall inverters are available in the following sizes: 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, and 24,000 BTUs.
  The system's energy-efficient Smart Inverter maintains the desired temperature without frequently shutting on and off, consuming up to 70% less energy.
  The Two-Step Cooling feature cools the air rapidly using its Fast Cool mode and automatically switches to the Comfort Cool mode to maintain the desired temperature.
  Triple Protector Plus technology prevents the compressor and controller from being overloaded by power surges and fluctuating electrical currents.
  The system's easy-to-maintain air filter can be cleaned by vacuuming the top of the unit and also is removable and water washable.
  The Smart Installation feature checks for common problems and lets the installer know the exact issue with a series of error codes to help ensure proper operation.
  Warranty includes 10-year compressor and parts, plus 1-year limited labor.
Click on the following links for more information about:
Plus, please visit the Samsung Quietside website for the company's line of technologically advanced HVAC products.

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Beginning June 1 and running through July 31, earn points on the sales of qualifying Concord air-conditioning condensers, heat pumps, furnaces, and air handlers. Then, you can redeem the points you earn by choosing among a wide selection of handy tools and tool bags from Lenox, Hilmor, TPI, Milwaukee, and Veto.

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