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Paul Weinstein     Welcome from Weinstein Supply

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is a skill that's essential in business — whether it involves communicating with your customers, employers, or fellow employees. In this month's feature, a communication coach shares seven great ways to help improve your communication skills in the workplace.

Plus, don't miss the November Product Spotlight for the "EZ" Accessories from Velocity Boiler Works. Both your customers and contractors will appreciate how this complete boiler solution makes the installation of Phantom hot water boilers quick, clean, and affordable.

Paul Weinstein
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The 7 C's of Effective Communication, by a Communication Coach
By Ric Phillips

As strange as it seems, there are many words beginning with the letter C that can be great examples of excellent communication. This article will look at seven of these words and briefly explain the advantages of having your professional communications be controlled, conversational, confident, competent, calm, clear, and concise.

Read “The 7 C's of Effective Communication, by a Communication Coach.”
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"EZ" Accessories from Velocity Boiler Works — For Quick, Clean, and Affordable Installations of Phantom Hot Water Boilers

Phantom Combi Kit
Who would be interested in the "EZ" Accessories from Velocity Boiler Works?

To help improve the installation experience of Phantom stainless steel, water-tube, condensing boilers, Crown Boiler by Velocity Boiler Works designed and recently introduced a line of "EZ" Accessories. This line of accessories provides a complete boiler solution to meet all of your Phantom installation needs.
Low Loss Header The "EZ" Accessories line includes the "EZ Loop" Low Loss Header component for quick and easy near-boiler loop piping, a kit for adding domestic hot water capabilities, and an attractive pedestal base to complete the installation. Thanks to the "EZ" Accessories, contractors can now install the Phantom in less time and, ultimately, make more money.

Why choose the "EZ" Accessories from Velocity Boiler Works?

The following are some of the outstanding features of the "EZ" Accessories:

  "EZ Loop" Low Loss Header – With connections for expansion tank, relief valve, temperature/pressure gauge, drain valve, and air separator, this ready-made piping solution helps contractors complete all near-boiler loop plumbing connections with speed and accuracy.

  "EZ" Combi-Kit – This kit provides a simple way to add domestic hot water capabilities to the Phantom 150 and 180 in one easy step. It includes a mixing valve, plate heat exchanger, and the "EZ Loop" Low Loss Header.

  "EZ" Base – When a wall installation won't work, this accessory provides the final touch for a clean and attractive installation. The "EZ" base pedestal includes adjustable feet for uneven floors and is designed to work great with the "EZ Loop" and the "EZ" Combi-Kit.

Click on the following links for more information about the Phantom "EZ" Accessories from Crown Boiler by Velocity Boiler Works:

  Phantom "EZ" Accessories

  Phantom stainless steel, condensing, gas-fired hot water boiler

Plus, please visit the company's website for its complete line of competitively priced hydronic boilers and accessories.
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